LA MAISON D'HAÏTI juste pour ''elles''

LA MAISON D'HAÏTI is a community and cultural organization founded in 1972, dedicated to welcoming, educating, and integrating immigrant individuals and families of all origins. It is mainly concerned about providing participants the tools that allow them to speak out, take citizen action, and search for social justice.

JUST FOR THEM is an awareness, education and intervention program for girls in the Saint-Michel neighborhood aged between 10 and 17 years old. This program aims to prevent sexual exploitation and hypersexualization by advocating egalitarian relations and combating violence against girls.


The goal is to increase the safety of girls and reduce violence, especially in the context of romantic relationships, by providing information and raising awareness, but also by empowering them to know how to react, act, and find solutions. Youth will be better informed, which will enable them to become their own decision-makers, aware of their reality and perception. The girls wish that more people think about the consequences of their actions and thus change their behavior.

The participants created an awareness booklet primarily aimed at girls 12 years and over on various issues, including equality relations, violence in relationships, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation.

With the help of Equitas, they participated in the planning of the Launch of the “100% Elles” Booklet. In the form of a Round Table, the event allowed young people to express their reality and experience, to propose their solutions, to exchange and to be heard by decision-makers or adults working with them.


Meeting and exchange with the youth of FCJ refugee and the girls of the YWCA of Toronto!