Mouvement contre le viol et l'inceste (MCVI)

Our project: Pizza Night Discussions MCVI

Our Pizza Discussion Night project aims to provide a space for teenage and young adult girls to discuss various topics related to healthy relationships, sexual violence, gender and feminism. Led by a core group of girls, participants have taken a critical leadership role in defining the topics and activities for each discussion night. Through their participation, we have seen young women build on their knowledge, skills, and confidence in order to speak out against gendered violence. We are continuing to build membership and participation for these Pizza Night Discussions with the hope of developing the project into a fundamental part of our violence prevention initatives.

Mandate of MCVI

  • To provide direct support and accompaniment for women survivors of sexual assault.
  • To do prevention, sensitization and popular education with individuals, groups, and communities on sexual violence.
  • To promote and defend the rights of women through political action, advocacy, and by creating networks of solidarity, accesibility and equality between diverse women and various social structures.

Values of MCVI

core values: Feminist, Anti-Racist, Anti-Opressive, Inclusion, and Intersectional).