Get inspired to join the movement!

Meet the Speaking Rights Youth Changemakers! All across Canada, Speaking Rights Youth Changemakers are asking themselves important questions. Like you, they are reflecting on their role in reshaping their communities so they are more welcoming and inclusive spaces to live.

Share your motivation to be a Changemaker!

Are you ready to start a Community Action Project (CAP)? Are you feeling motivated to take action on some of the issue you and others mights face in the community? Share your motivation to lead change with others!

Start a community action project by thinking about...

What makes you feel welcome and included in your community?

Where do you feel like you can be yourself? Where do you feel safe and where your rights are respected? Where do you feel that you can participate and feel that your voice is heard?

What problems do you, as youth, face in your community?

Are there problems that you feel more strongly about and that you would like to change? Do all youth face the same problems or experience them in the same way?

What does your ideal community look like?

What do you want your community to look like? Feel like? Sound like? What are you most proud of in your community? How can you build from your community’s strengths and make it more inclusive for all youth?


Next up: Investigate issues in your community!

Learn more about the key issues related to equality, inclusion, and diversity youth face across Canada. Move to the next step to investigate further!